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South Gloucestershire Greener Places Strategy

 Have your say on South Gloucestershire’s new strategy for
‘Greener Places'

Greener places Green Infrastructure Strategy

We are working with our partners, communities, and residents on a strategy for greener places in South Gloucestershire.

The aim of this new strategy is to strengthen the way we work together towards a shared vision for ‘greener places where people and nature thrive’.

About the strategy

The strategy explains why we need to improve the network of green spaces and water courses (green infrastructure) across our area, and the action we plan to take.

It shows how we will link our work to regional, national, and global commitments to protect the environment and how important that is.

We call this the ‘green thread’.

What it means

By putting this strategy into action, we aim to achieve:

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South Gloucestershire Council

Changes to Local Plan

There are some important updates the council needs to make you aware of in relation to their new Local Plan Phase 2 Consultation.

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Dignity in hospital care

Have you been an inpatient at a Bristol hospital in the last two years?

Healthwatch Bristol are running a series of online discussion groups for those who are 55 or over and have been inpatients in Bristol hospitals.

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