South Gloucestershire Over 50s Forum

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Coronavirus Advice

Covid-19 Local and financial support for South Gloucestershire residents

Covid-19 has impacted many of us from financial issues, to emotional and wellbeing. We are here to listen and offer support. This leaflet details the various support available, however if you are unsure about what is available to you, please

book an appointment with one of our One Stop Shop staff who can talk through with you, in confidence, about your situation.

Book an appointment with a One Stop Shop Advisor:

Tel 01454 868009


Download this updated leaflet for more information.

Three new Covid 19 resources relating to Covid 19 vaccinations and testing

  1. A South Gloucestershire Covid 19 Vaccine information leaflet.
  2. A community poster 'Are you worried about testing positive?’
  3. New mobile testing Unit.